Armoured vehicle crew: Then and Now

Large image of five 1960s-style military tanks being driven down a dirt road. Soldiers can be seen sitting and standing on some vehicles. One male soldier using a communications radio; inset with a small image of four modern armoured vehicles in line over the crest of a barren hill. There are two trucks and two tanks.

Centurion tanks of B Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment, and APCs of B Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment. Binh Ba, South Vietnam, 1969. AWM BEL/69/0389/VN

Australian Army Bushmasters alongside M113/AS1 APCs from the Tentara Nasional Indonesia Army (TNI-AD) at Dodiklatpur, East Java. 2019. Defence 20191115ara8534034_244

AWM BEL/69/0389/VN and Defence 20191115ara8534034_244