Army engineer: Then and Now

Large image of four engineers working to operate a drill being used to find water below the ground in Vietnam; inset with a small image of a modern day crane lifting a section of a steel bridge in a dusty area surrounded by hills. Several soldiers are working on the parts of the bridge that have already been put together. More soldiers prepare to load another steel section onto the crane.

Sappers from the 17th Construction Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers (RAE), drill for water at the Horseshoe, an extinct volcano, in Vietnam. South Vietnam, 1967. AWM CAM/67/0269/VN

Soldiers from the Reconstruction Task Force build the first of two bridges which were damaged during conflict at Andar in Afghanistan. Andar, Zabol Province, 2008. Defence 20080814adf8239682_0169

AWM CAM/67/0269/VN and Defence 20080814adf8239682_0169