AWM VN/67/0104/14

An injured soldier is lifted into a helicopter by serveral other solders
Carrying A Company's casualties from the Battle of Suoi Chau Pha from the Dustoff helicopter into 8 Field Company Ambulance. Identified, left to right: Dr Jack Bromley, 8th Field Ambulance, holding the plasma bottle, the crewman at the foot of the stretcher is Kerin Charles Williams, 9th Squadron, RAAF, medic Albertus Leonardus (Bert) Kuijpers, 8th Field Ambulance (long trousers, no shirt), and 7RAR medic Trevor Owen Skinner (shorts, no shirt). The name of the casualty on the stretcher is unknown. AWM VN/67/0104/14
AWM VN/67/0104/14
Place made
Nui Dat, South Vietnam