Nurse: Then and Now

Large image of a female nurse wearing an Army uniform standing and holding a Vietnamese baby on her left hip. They are in a village in Vietnam surrounded by several other children and adults; inset with a small image of three medical staff standing in a hospital ward wearing modern army uniforms. One member of the team is writing in a notebook. Another member wears large clear goggles and a plastic smock. She is also holding a clipboard. A third team member is holding papers and looking at them.

Australian Nurse Lieutenant holding a Vietnamese baby. Vienam, 1967. AWM GIL/67/0483/VN

Members of the 2nd Health Support Battalion perform a casualty simulation at the new First Aid Health Facility at Camp RAMSI in Honiara. Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 10 November 2003. AWM P04225.558

AWM GIL/67/0483/VN and AWM P04225.558