Eora Creek from the air

Running time
46 sec

'From Kokoda the track follows the gorge of Eora Creek.'

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[In aerial footage, a creek winds through dense green jungle, its water foaming white over the dark rocks.
Text: Eora Creek.]

VOICEOVER: Over many thousands of years, Eora Creek has cut a deep gorge into the Owen Stanley Range. It rises near the crest of the range at Myola and flows north, feeding into the Mambare River near Kokoda. The Kokoda Track follows Eora Creek from Myola to Mambare. And here, where Eora village once stood, it crosses the fast-flowing creek on a bridge made of a few logs tied together.

[The footage freezes on a clearing in the jungle - a grassy plateau overlooking the creek just before it disappears into the trees. Below the plateau, a section of bank is cleared. Beyond the plateau, jungle-clad slopes rise to cloud-covered mountain peaks.]