Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop - surviving

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1 min 3 sec
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The floating of Dunlop's ashes down the Kwae Noi was the first such ceremony at Home Phu Toey, Thailand. When the ex-POW Keith Flanagan, a close colleague of Dunlop who had founded the Burma Thailand Railway Memorial Association died, he too was accorded this ceremony, as shown in the video. [By courtesy Capital Television Group].

Text description

The 1 minute, 3 second video depicts the funeral ceremony on the banks of the Kwae Noi in Thailand and the floating of Flanagan's ashes down the river.

The opening shot shows the funeral party in single file, led by four orange-robed monks. The video transitions to shots of two young men as they carry the container of ashes covered in yellow flowers between them on a stretcher toward the river bank behind the monks. The video then transitions to various shots of the long procession of people who follow the lead group down the dirt track towards the river.

At the river bank the participants stand in prayer while two men, waist-deep in the river spread the flowers on the water and allow the container to float away. The final shots show the funeral guests in prayer and meditation.