Mick Rudkins - Venereal disease

Running time
1 min 29 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were over there at Durban, Bombay, Aden. Never go to Aden. Not a bit of bloody grass anywhere. It's all sand. Getting up near the Red Sea once you go through Aden. [30.50] We went ashore once and that just to have a look around. We could buy elephant legs, you know, plenty of things and that.

Bombay was the same, a bit more excitement, but you were warned on the ship, the ship's company were warned. You never went to a brothel in them places and some of them did and ended up with venereal disease. Of course, what they worried was if too many got it, it took them out working part of the ship.

They were either in sick bay on the Norman, which only held two or three, or went to a hospital ship. Oh, they were all cured, you know. They spent about three months away and even when they come back to the ship, they had their own mess, their own knife and fork and every bloody thing.

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