Murray Willing - Arriving in Tobruk

Running time
1 min 28 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We got to Tobruk Harbour. We had to come in at night on account of being under the spotter plane coming around and bombing it and we'd come in just in the evening light sort of thing and all we could see was ships' tops and things and they pulled straight up, threw ropes over the side and said "Out".

And we were all out over the side, officers throwing stuff around and everything and we lined up and from there, that part of it was alright, nothing bad, Righto get in file and we had to march out to the Bardia Road perimeter and when you look at that you see the scene from the harbour, the green line was the first line, then the blue line, there's a special map of it somewhere, blue line was the second line and then the red line was the main line, see the three lines, the outside line and see that, the Bardia Road line, we had to march right out there with our haversacks and firearms after being seasick, all the way there and if they had have attacked then they would have just come straight over the top of us. So we recovered there and it was alright from there on.

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