Murray Willing - Burial party

Running time
1 min 51 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


So we got back there and by that time they had moved on and cleaned them up altogether. Six or seven days, I think, before we got back there and I was one of the corporals on the burial party so we had to go up to KB Mission because that's where the head of the fighting was done and the chap I went to school with SX712, Colin Gardner, who was known around the place and there was another lad from Port Victoria…and I knew him, found his body.

There were two sections of us went up and some of the lads were still posted up there keeping an eye on things and we were going around picking our blokes up and everything and finding them, ready for burial and identifying but I couldn't find Sniffer Gardiner, handed him over, and he got all fiddled up and I found out when I went back there, all the bodies that had been found at Milne Bay were lifted to Port Moresby and that's where we ended up seeing everyone up there because they showed us, there's a photo of the grave section up there and on top "Murray, this is the one you are looking for" and that was confirmed by the thing…going back in stages and the main one was set up at the back. This was long after everything had finished.

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