Murray Willing - Raising his age for enlistment

Running time
56 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Unfortunately, or fortunately for myself, I joined up at Wagga. I'll tell you the truth anyway. There were a lot of us signed up there and as we got near the counter that was there, the chap said to the lad "Well when were you born?" you know. He said "Sorry, you'll have to go and get your parents' consent."

So, next thing I'm up there. "Murray Ridgway Willing?" "Yes" "When were you born?" "1918"

"How do you spell Ridgway?" I didn't know then. I spelt Ridgway with an ‘e' in it. So that meant I went straight through because I was born in 1919. So I wasn't 21 so I slipped over that.

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