Murray Willing - On the Red Line

Running time
1 min 14 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were there for quite awhile before anything happened there, we went back to the blue line and got organised there because I think we had to go from the Poles or they came in afterwards or the Ghurkas. They either came in first or last, I don't know, but the Poles were there and they were good, the Ghurkas used to sneak up behind you, you didn't know where they were, they were really slippery.

Then we started with, we weren't as a battalion then, we were all split up into companies and sections like that sort of thing and we did our patrolling at night time out at the red line outside the wire and that was, you had to be pretty careful because they were on the other side against us and we were trying to find out their positions. With the shelling and that sort of thing if somebody made a mistake you were gone. So that was a bit of an experience but we got out of that because I'm still here aren't I.

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