Murray Willing - Seasickness

Running time
1 min 21 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We had to go down to the port and got on little thing called…a little troopship. Well, we'd only just got out of the port and turned around and came back, all innocent about what was going on, they probably got a warning about air strikes along the way.

Anyway next evening or next morning, I don't know what time it was, we're setting off and it wasn't very long after we'd been out to sea. It was like that and that was all right, there'd been a few who had been seasick on a few things and there was a lot of us who hadn't been on that sort of thing.

First of all we were going to the toilets. Then you couldn't get in the toilets and eventually everybody was lined up on the outboard leaning over losing their stomachs and everything else so you'd know what sort of feeling you'd be in and I felt very sorry for one of the young lads. He came from the West Coast, that's Port Lincoln, and he couldn't come from Port Lincoln to Port Adelaide about two or three hours before he was laying down. It really knocked him about. He was terrible.

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