Murray Willing - Six Japs

Running time
1 min 49 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


And the Yanks that were there, they weren't in that part, they were in another part up in the forest up the other side of the hill really, of course they had refrigerators, kitchens, everything that you could want. Bob Rogers and me, at that time I was in charge and I didn't know that I'd been promoted to a full corporal which turned out when I was disembarked, I went down there and people were coming out without their stripes, they were acting sergeants, my stripes were confirmed and I come out with mine, my rank was confirmed in the front line, I wasn't acting, but anyway, that's how Bob ended up a corporal as well.

But anyway, we started moving back quietly and it was raining and there was nothing to eat but plenty of water around and the next thing I heard something and put a hand on Bob's shoulder, I could hear some noises, so got on the end from here to here you couldn't see much further and six Japs came along in line, they were all marching along in their uniforms apart and we were in our desert gear and they were in full uniform with rifles slung coming along and we only had our rifles.

I says to Bob "I'll take the front one and you take the back one. Keep quiet". At least we know we're going the right way if they're going the right way and our blokes were shelling and strafing that area so they were going into the area where they were liable to get hit and we were well out of it on our way back.

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