Pat Guest - Army rations

Running time
1 min 16 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well we had lots of stews and we had ... we didn't get things like steak or roast or anything like that. We got sausages and we got stew. We had more sausages and we had more stew. I think that's all we had. Mashed potatoes.

Yeah, we had ... I could remember, see my mother never referred to lollies. They weren't lollies, they were sweets. We never called them anything else but sweets and at Christmas we always got our little bag of sweeties as mum called it.

When I first joined the army, one of the girls was saying that came in, I was the last one in the mess. She came in and she said, "Are you finished, Pat? Are you coming out now?" I said, "Yeah I suppose so." She said, "Have you had your sweets?" I said, "Oh you get sweets, too. Great." I'm waiting for my lollies, for sweets. We had banana and custard. Oh that's right we did get banana and custard but I was waiting for my lollies. I felt so stupid.

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