Pat Guest - Family Reunion

Running time
1 min 9 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Then I had to go out to Ingleburn because Jim was one of the walking ones, even though he was skin and bones. He went out to Ingleburn and all the thousands of people at Ingleburn. Everywhere you went there were about five people trying to get their arms around one soldier. Mothers, fathers, uncles, and children. They were all crying.

I'd gone through enough carting those people back and forth to the hospitals. At the time I got up to see Jim I'm crying my eyes out. I would've walked straight past Jim, I wouldn't even have known him. And poor Sonny, our baby Sonny. He was trying to talk to Jim and he kept pulling Jim's sleeve saying, "Jim, Jim." Jim turned around. He got really angry and he said, "Piss off, mate. Family only." Sonny said, "Jim, I'm Sonny." Jim said, "You can't be Sonny. Sonny's only that high." Sonny had shot up.

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