Pat Guest - War breaks out

Running time
1 min 13 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Sonny, he was very upset when the war ended because he wasn't old enough to go like his brothers. He wanted to be like Pat and Jim and go into the army and go to war but he was too young when the war ended. But Korea started and Sonny was old enough then and he joined the AIF and he went to Korea.

We never knew what happened until we got the citation. What happened with Sonny, as I said, is just over there. Mum was terribly upset about Sonny. Recurring nightmares all the time. Mum had almost the same nightmare. One was where she was in a jungle and she was running to tree to tree looking behind her, hoping that she would find Sonny. We didn't hear anymore. They're still looking you know.

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