Patrick O'Hara - Fear and Apprehension

Running time
2 min 5 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


For me, walking around on patrol, I loved. Loved going through the jungle, loved the walking, loved going across streams. Loved listening to the radio in the background and hearing what was going on and nothing ever occurred to me.

When we would have contact, apprehensive I would say more than anything else just wondering what's going to happen. I remember one day we had an initial contact, we bumped into a, but as the contact kept going, the gunfire stated to move around, so it was obvious they were trying to get around us.

So just that feeling of apprehension. I suppose another day when it dawned on me, a Vietnamese sniper had obviously figured out where we were going and he'd shot three forward scouts in a row. One bloke who had been hit and the bullet had hit something, his shovel or something, and it had gone into his skull and when you looked in you could see the bullet just sitting and the officer just wheeled around, and he couldn't pick me because I was part of the … party, and he just said "Here, you, just take us out" and I thought then what would I have done if he had wheeled around to me and said "Patrick you take us out". So, fear and apprehension but not specific, "What if I get hit in the head? What if I get hit in the stomach? What if I lose a …", just that fear and apprehension.

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