Patrick O'Hara - Sleepwalking

Running time
1 min 3 sec

Department of Veterans' Affairs


We had a few tense moments and one night I woke up and I was sitting out in the bush.

Not in a fox hole, pitch black, and I'd been sleepwalking, and I found myself out just sitting in the donga. And I was terrified. I thought, well, in the morning I'm going to get shot here.

I got back in and I didn't know what to do. I waited for the light to come, the sun and I listened very carefully and I heard the click of a radio and I found out where it was and I just got up and walked in and went back to my pit. But walking around doing, I was obviously starting to get a bit affected, so sleepwalking is not something that goes well with being out with the infantry.

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