Peter Dixon - Don't Fence Me In

Running time
1 min 41 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Up there we were treated quite well. I don't think there was any brutality. There were Allied prisoners up there and they were a bit hostile because we didn't do any of the major work. I always remember the end of it. Now I've got to remember his name. He was one of the senior people...

When we were going out to work which we knew now the war was over, he walked over to the Japanese guard who was a major and he said to him, "Hand me your sword." And the Jap handed him his sword. And that's when we really knew the war was over.

And we finished up, I don't know exactly if we buy it or rent it, a train service. Went down to the coast of Japan on that and, believe it or not, when we got to that station they were playing, the Americans, were playing "Don't Fence Me In". We thought, very appropriate. It was a popular song in Australia at that time.

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