Peter Dixon - The end of the war

Running time
1 min 52 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We were moved out of Sensuji. We went up to the, right up to the northern part of the mainland Japan and that was in a mine...By our standards the conditions were pretty poor and we, a few of us went to work at the mines for the sheer, wanting something to do to fill in time and the main part of that was at the end of the war we were there and we used to tell this bloke, he sold newspapers and things, "Senso sugu ai awarimasu."

The war will be over soon, and this day he said, "Senso wa aowatta". Not soon, it's ended and we asked him how he knew and it was in the paper and when we knocked off at night, he had this paper, which he did, and we had two or three of Australians that could speak and read Japanese and they finished up, we got the paper. Senso wa sugu ni wa owarimasen, ima owarimshata. The war won't be over soon, it's over now.

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