Peter Dixon - Prison life

Running time
1 min 32 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


You didn't really look upon people as being different nationalities. There were some decent ones and some not so decent. By and large I don't think there was too much trouble. I didn't know of any. The goat business that finished up with, I think it was four days in the clink for that. Didn't get much food then.

After they closed Sensuji and shifted us all out, God knows where we went but we were on the coast somewhere. It was quite scenic. Took us a long time to get to the north of Japan. I suppose the greatest thing was lack of decent food and the thought of never getting out but we're here. Not many of us...Occasionally we had chaps that took a decent hiding, but they weren't that often. At Sensuji they were rare.

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