Peter Dixon - Sensuji

Running time
2 min 26 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When we started, the steelworks, oh, we were quite good but the poor little Japanese, I'm afraid quite a few of them died working. Things would fall on them or something like that but the poor devils got killed just working in their own factories. We didn't lose a man...We sorted materials. There was one part there, had a big race, a water race. It had a little bridge over it, carting things. The bridge used to collapse once a day.

It fell because some idiot Australian prisoners weakened it in a spot underneath. It sort of collapsed and the poor little Jap went with a great tractor full of steel. I eventually ended up at Sensuji which was the prime avenue that you tried to get to. Anyway I got there. I was not very impressed with our Australian people there. They just kowtowed.

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