Phil Agnew - 528 & 529 Squadrons

Running time
1 min 9 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Non-commissioned ranks and the commissioned ranks lived separately, and I was the only commissioned Australian who was in the 528th. I got permission to live with Alan and Johnny Carroll in the 529th lines. The three of us shared a tent in the 529th lines. I had to get special permission for that, so the 528 bloke who woke up the crew in the morning, knew where to find me.

One memorable mission I had was due to go very early in the morning. Went to bed early at night. I woke up and the lights were on in the mess. I thought, "Gee, they've forgotten to wake us up." I went out, raced over and I woke up Johnny and Allen, "Come on." We went up to the mess and it was still the previous night. I had to go back to bed again. They didn't thank me for waking them up.

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