Phil Elger/Bill Evans - Landing in fog

Running time
1 min 9 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Phil: It was always hard to land those planes. They were only bomb carriers, nothing else, you know, they were a remarkable plane.

Bill: But what you say, it was very clever of the pilot to get that plane down wasn't it ay.

Phil: When you come in to fog trying to land, you couldn't see and the only thing that would shine up was the fires, the kerosene flares that, right down, you couldn't see those but just the glow and you tried to come down and the heat the kerosene used to send you up so you'd come down.

Bill: You probably don't understand that but this kerosene was a light on the side of the runway and cause if fog was there or something and you couldn't see. In order to mark out the runway these lights would come on, kerosene flares, weren't they?

Phil: They used to send up a heat and it's pushing you up.

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