Phyl Ahearn - AWAS Accommodation

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1 min 24 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


After that I was sent down to base post office down in Mary Street, Sydney, 1st Base post office to do a three-week postal course. And after the postal course was finished, they called for six volunteers to go up to field post office 039, which was in headquarters, 2nd Aust Army Postal, 2nd Aust Army Headquarters.

They were built in Burnside Homes at North Paramatta. Now Burnside Homes was a former children's home and when the Japanese were coming down through the islands north of Queensland, north of Australia they sent the children all up to the Blue Mountains for safety. Then the army took over the homes. And the homes are like little houses like we see today only in village, looked like a village type place. And the army had different sections in each of those housses.

So, there was quite a few houses there so the AWAS billeted in two of the houses and then there was all the other sections of the army that were headquarters that took the other houses.

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