Phyl Ahearn - End of the war celebrations

Running time
1 min 28 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


When the war ended, I was out of the army because Jim had come home from New Guinea. We'd got married and I'd fallen pregnant early in the marriage. And Jim ... that's right, they were sent home from camp to come home to go to Sydney to celebrate and he came home and he's telling me that there was a celebration regarding Sydney so I said I'd like to go in. And we went in and you could hear the crowd even before you got up the steps at Town Hall you could hear the crowd up in George Street. And that to me was a disappointment because I couldn't join in the celebrations.

They were jumping around and jumping up and down and dancing and I just couldn't do that. And that to me, that would have been the biggest disappointment of the whole war for me. That I couldn't join in those celebrations with them all going crazy, you know so. So that was a very happy day for everybody, but I can still see the crowds in Sydney. The noise of the crowds in Sydney and the bunting flying, coming down from the high buildings, all throwing paper out, and that was a wonderful sight. It was a good thing over.

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