Phyl Ahearn - Love of training

Running time
1 min 22 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


And I remember when we were getting up into the trucks to take us to Ingleburn Camp. There were some soldiers standing over the edge over there and they're singing "You'll be sorry, you'll be sorry". But I was never sorry I joined the army, no. So then that was to me, out of the truck we were sitting in the back of a truck eyeing off the soldiers driving the truck behind us.

Oh, we were bits of flirts in those days. Anyway, I remember seeing the guards on duty in the gateway into Ingleburn Camp. They were so straight, and I thought "Gee, I'm gonna love this", which I did. I loved the drill. I loved the discipline. I loved it all.

Yes. The only thing was a bit of a shock when we first went into the toilets for the first time or the showers for the first time. Horror of horrors. No doors! And I thought "ugh" and then I heard a girl behind me go (gasp) so I thought "Oh, you've gotta put up with", so that's just what it was.

Yeah, and I loved the discipline. I really loved the drill, really loved that. Even now.

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