Phyl Ahearn - Meeting her husband

Running time
1 min 26 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Well, I met my future husband on Manly Promenade. I heard a little wolf whistle and I looked around and saw this lovely tall soldier. And I was with my girlfriend, I said to her "Don't look now but there's two soldiers following us" and then we had a stop on the grass because someone we knew was coming ahead so we didn't want to meet him after seeing the soldiers behind me.

So, we stepped on the grass and they caught up to us and we went and sat on the sand and within 5 minutes he said, "I love you." He wrote in the sand. He said, "Who do you love?" And I wanted to say him but being only as young as I was, I thought, "How would you know".

I was only 16, that's right. I wasn't even in the army then, that's right. I'm talking out of sequence. Anyway, so it ended up he went off to New Guinea for two years, came home on 24-day leave. We got engaged, then he went away for another 22 months. He came home, we got married. So that was our romance, just all through letter writing. Yeah, so we were married for 63 years, weren't we darling?

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