Phyl Ahearn - Postal duties

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1 min 38 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


A truck used to go down from Parramatta down to Base Post Office, pick up all the mail for the area all around Parramatta. There was Kellyville and Walgrove and there was other, which I don't know the names of them now. And we'd bring the mail back, they'd bring the mail back to the base, the field post office. And then we'd sort it all into sections for the different camps around Parramatta and then a truck from that camp would come down and pick up the mail and take it back to their unit and sort it out between their servicemen.

Telegrams were done through Parramatta post office. We had a bike and we used to ride down to Parramatta post office in our hats and in our stockings, no tracksuits those days. We used to ride down on the bike to pick up the telegrams or take down the telegrams that had to be sent from Parramatta. Sent out.

So that was quite an experience, you know, got us out of the post office for a while to go for a ride on the bike. But as far as the mail, we used to stamp the mail, hand stamp it. They wouldn't be doing that now.

Yeah, it was just normal post office duties that we had to do, so I enjoyed it. Had the nice soldiers come in and serve them. That was nice.

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