Rachel Rayner - Meeting her husband

Running time
1 min 37 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I used to meet my husband, because he was the one that used to take the sheets from us. He was in the office with the CO. He used to take the sheet from us, and he asked me out. He asked me to go to a Sergeant's Mess Ball, which he shouldn't have done. I said I shouldn't really go, and he said, "Nobody will know you when you put on a nice dress and things like that." He said, "They only know you in uniform."

Unfortunately, the sergeant's wife was there, so she didn't do anything. She told me off the next day and told me I shouldn't have been there, wasn't the place for me. She told him off too but didn't make any difference. We didn't go back to the Sergeant's Mess, but we still saw each other. That was the start of my meeting with my husband. The minute I told him, the minute I walked in there I thought, "Oh I like you" and that was it. I just did what all us ladies do and made advances and made sure I was out, when I went up to see him with the parade sheet, I'd sort of have a little chat. Eventually, he asked me out.

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