Rex Lipman - Colonel Hill

Running time
1 min 32 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


Colonel Hill. Ah, he was the epitome of a soldier. He was a schoolmaster, Deputy Head of St. Peter's College, and he was just the epitome of everything that I thought, what an officer should be. And nothing ever changed. And then, I'm seeing him under the shower. He was like a colander. He had bullet wounds everywhere, healed up, one on the side, I think it was. It was a dimple.

I can remember one day on parade. I was his adjutant in the end, and one day on parade, he saw them off, and he used to stand erect, and he used to hold his stick like this, there, and his eyes, blue eyes, flashing round, never missed a thing. Marched off into this, up the two steps. I followed him in, and he was flat on his back, out of it. He had just made himself, while everyone could see him ... the self-discipline of the man. He was then very sick, and I went off, to the war part. But he was, never was planning to go to the war. He was far too old, but you couldn't have a better role model. And the picture of him is a very good picture of him.

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