Robert Goodwin - End of the war

Running time
2 min 18 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


It was all pretty sudden. Much more sudden than the beginning. It was pretty hard to believe that we were suddenly free. The ... it was in many cases the Japanese were pretty upset about the whole thing. I know that our one thought was to get home for most of us. I don't think anybody felt like tearing down amongst the Japanese and belting people around. We had quite suddenly realised that it was over. Almost impossible to believe.

But anyway, they thought that I had tuberculosis. I had a bad cough, and I was seven stone. They put me on an aeroplane and I was taken over to an island somewhere or other in the middle, I can't remember now the name of the island. There was one other, an officer from my unit, a captain. They thought he had tuberculosis. They flew him home, and he died within a week or so of getting home. I was put on the ship. I ate luscious food. By the time I got home, I must have looked pretty normal.

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