Robert Goodwin -Japanese attitude to death

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2 min 7 sec
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Department of Veterans' Affairs


The result of the meeting of the Japanese and the Australian and British armies, we're not leaning on the fact that there were huge numbers against us, but it was about a 20 to 1 adjustment between the numbers of the Japanese and ourselves. We lost an enormous number in action in a unit of 500, 600, we lost something like 350 in battle, in battlefront. I don't know that we did all that much damage.

The Japanese are a race that seems to almost encourage abrasion and death. Anyone does anything they don't like, they take their head off. That's pretty constant pattern that they've followed over centuries. They've followed that sort of century behaviour over a period of a thousand years, it's not just the last hundred years or so. That's their attitude towards it, towards death, and certainly towards coming up against something. Oh, take their head off, we won't have any more trouble. It was an unpleasant war for me from that point of view.

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