Robert Goodwin - Joining the Army

Running time
2 min 12 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I was 19 then, most people felt that if Australia was at war that it was just natural to join and become a member. That was a universal feeling. All the young people of my class, my age, they were quite unusual if they didn't feel that way. I, at the age of 18, I'd already joined the militia.

When the AIF was formed, I automatically ... I was six months underage, but no one questioned it. That was that. It was a general belief, and I don't feel that my thoughts have ever changed. I do think that under similar circumstances, our country is such that it has a warm feeling of protection. No question arose. It was just a normal thing to do and a natural thing to do, and we wanted to do it…I couldn't imagine being on a ship, and I couldn't imagine being up in the air. My father had been a soldier in the Boer War, and I suppose it was just a natural feeling to join the army, which I did.

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