Robert Goodwin - Tropical ulcers

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1 min 28 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


My worst trouble was that we had no, over a period of three years, four years, we had the shoes that we were walking in. They were never replaced. The hard work we were doing, they just wore out. Very common diseases were to get what's called a tropical ulcer. We never see them in Australia. People think that they've heard of them, but they've never seen it.

I got a tropical ulcer just walking to work. We had to walk up a hill like that, that was about a mile, mile and half, every day. With poor shoes, poor socks, if any, they rubbed on the shoes, rubbed on the feet. Tropical ulcers were so common. Practically, they used to hurt like hell. I thought I'd never felt greater pain than I had with my tropical ulcer, but actually, I did.

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