Robert Lusby - In competent hands

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1 min 17 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


And the trauma. Look, it was very important to support the nursing staff and the theatre staff, because most of them had never seen anything. I mean, we hadn't seen anything like it either, but we had been involved in surgery for a long time. And so we were more familiar with some of the grosser aspects of it, but for the staff, it was new. And I know one or two of the nurses had difficulty.

One of the senior officers thought they could handle that by ordering them, that they should take orders. I can understand that approach, but that doesn't work. You really got to cope with their psychological issues, and it's not easy for some people to understand that most people were very professional. Actually I have to say how professional, not only the medical side of it, but the trained military were very professional. We felt safe and we felt we were in competent hands all the way.

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