Robert Lusby - Escaping the hospital

Running time
1 min 31 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


What we did, we'd get up in the morning and we'd actually go for a jog in the cool the morning and the mist. And we only went a couple of K's down the road and back. Down to the Hotel Rwanda and back. And it was not only were we jogging, we were talking because we were discussing what we’d done or what was on the agenda that day. That was one way. The other thing we did on Sundays to escape the hospital, we'd go to church.

This was an amazing thing that they had. They're very tough people and you go to church and there was virtually no sign of emotion, until the prayers for the dead and then it was very limited. Which amazed me because I thought there'd be much more emotional out pouring, but it wasn't there. And the other amazing thing is you'd see women going to the markets or downtown who were living in mud huts and they'd come up, out, dressed immaculately in white clothing, I mean, how they did it was beyond us. And just kept up their spirit.

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