Robert Lusby - Ingenuity required

Running time
1 min 30 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We'd have breakfast and I can't stand long life milk or whatever. So I started eating my cereal with orange juice. I really didn't stop then. So, I'd have whatever it was corn flakes or something like that. And then we'd do ward rounds and we'd probably have theatre scheduled from maybe nine o'clock in the morning and we'd have a lunch break and then theatre in the afternoon again. But it was often interrupted by what came in through casualty.

The pace of the work varied. So some days you might get three or four really gross injuries coming through, and then you might spend a few days staging what you had to do for them. So you might've started off by cleaning up all the wounds and doing initial surgery. And then you might have to come back a day or two later and close some of those wounds or do some more revision and that sort of thing. Because blast wounds are so devastating, you have to use a bit of ingenuity is to what tissues you can keep and what you have to cut off and all that sort of stuff. So, it was variable and the pace was variable.

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