Robert Lusby - A lesson from the Gurkhas

Running time
1 min 20 sec
Department of Veterans' Affairs


So one of the things we did, the Gurkhas arrived and they were in force really to look after us. We were invited around to dinner with the commanding officer for one night in his mess, which was a very interesting experience. He was telling us that they brought all their unit silver, the regimental silver, and they were there for, I think, two years. And he said most of the troops that came with him, that would be their income for retirement forever.

The money went back home. It's a way of making money. Then he said to us, "Do you know how many folds there are in Australian Army puggaree and slouch hat, and the history of it?" Well, first of all, we're medical, so totally ignorant. He said, "Well, there's one fold for every State of Australia." Which is something I didn't know. And I noticed that the New Zealanders only have three and a half folds, whereas I think we've got seven or whatever it is. Yeah. So, we got a little lesson on our own uniform from the commander of the Gurkhas.

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