Robert Lusby - Worthwhile service

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Department of Veterans' Affairs


It was something I was very pleased that I did. It meant that my time in the reserve was worthwhile and I think it gave me purpose. And afterwards I actually did give quite a number of talks about it. We actually recruited people, young doctors who'd come along and see the talks, listen to the talks, would join the Army Reserve or sometimes we lost them to the Navy or Air Force, but they joined the military as a result. So I thought that was positive. I now chair the National Centre for Veterans Health Care, which is an initiative of Central Sydney or Sydney Area Health.

And we have set up a one stop shop for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues, including we're just about to open some residence for their families to come and stay in. It's actually given me a pathway to do things and a rationale for being on these committees and on this board because I've got the link. My professorial career kept going, but I had this additional... And I worked at Concord which had this long tradition with the military. So I've been involved in lots of para events. And with the tag that I served in Rwanda sort of helps, I think. Yeah

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