Robert Vasey: Anzac Day 2020

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Hear from veterans, their loved ones and those on the home front about their most unforgettable memories of wartime.


Intro: Anzac Day 2020. Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Mat McLachlan: Hello, I'm Mat McLachlan. On Anzac Day, we remember all Australians who have served our country. Robert Vasey grew up in the shadow of two very famous Second World War parents. His mother, Jessie, was the Founder of the War Widows Guild, while his father, George, was a famous General, killed in a war-related accident. Because his father's body was not recovered, Robert always regretted that there was never the chance for a formal burial.

Robert Vasey: A legacy is not being able to mourn properly in the early stages. And I know there are other people in this condition. I've never reconciled myself, I think, to Dad's death. And I had a funeral service for him organised by my church a couple of years ago. We had a coffin and the whole thing, and that was an enormously relieving moment, because it tended to put a goodbye that hadn't been very satisfactory at the time. We have to learn to grieve and we have to give time to grieving – little boys, big boys, little girls, big girls – we all need time. I just feel so strongly for those who, like me, were not able to be present at the actual funeral of their husband, son or brother, or whatever – because there is no proper basis for saying goodbye any other way. It's a legacy of the war which I think heaps of us are carrying.

Outro: Anzac Day 2020. Lest we forget.

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