Ross Pearson - A Canadian never forgets

Running time
2 min 22 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


On the 18th of July, to Vers. Now Vers was the rail link around Paris. It was one of the rail stations when in Paris. And we got there early. We got there ahead of the master bomber, which meant we couldn't bomb until he got there, curse him. And we actually spent considerable time just circling around waiting for him, biting our nails. Didn't have many nails left after a while.

On the 7th of August, we went to the battle area, where the Canadian forces were bombing, trying to break out from the area around Cannes. So we were to bomb on their markers that they had put up. And we were in the first wave, and some of the first wave hit a German bomb dump that went up with a hell of a bang, a Panzer unit we found out afterwards. But one of the first wave dropped bombs on the Canadians, and by mistake. I think the flares must have been wrong.

Anyway, subsequently, and I'm just going to digress for a minute, we didn't drop bombs on them. We were just behind the ones that dropped bombs. We were going over to the anniversary of D-Day way back, and of course, I went over on the ferry. I was sitting on the ferry and the chap right alongside of me said, "Hey, you're an Australian, aren't you?"

How he could tell, I must talk funny. Anyway, he said, "I'm from Canada." I said, "Oh, well, I was on the Canadian squadron." He said, "I didn't know Australian squadrons were here." I said, "Yes, I bombed on this particular site." He said, "Did you just?" He said, "You bastards dropped bombs on my troops. I want to talk to you." So I said, "Excuse me. I'll be back. My wife's up there waving to me. She wants a cup of tea." Went up to Dorothy. I said, "Go on down to the lower deck and lock me in the toilet. I don't want to get out until we get home." So that was my experience on Vers. No, that was my experience on the Canadian effort.

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