Ross Pearson - Corkscrewing

Running time
1 min 45 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


On the Rhine. After leaving the target, we ran into a fresh barrage and we did get some bomb damage there. And the result was that the pilot dived briefly and kept diving. He kept corkscrewing. And now corkscrewing, from my point of view, was an invention of the devil, because you'd be flying, and you'd turn and you'd drop a thousand feet, twisting and turning.

You'd come up again and do the same thing. That would be my stomach chasing it up and down and oh, God, it was terrible particularly because my pilot was very strict. On the intercom, the wireless operator could not come in on it, because I was listening out in case we got a recall, in case we got a bombing wind. And he said it would interfere with my direct contact with the gunners. "You stay off the intercom." I used to stay off the intercom, and I couldn't really know what was going on.

My stomach used to tell me when we'd dive, but my eyes weren't on the set. They were on the escape hatch which was underneath the navigator. I'd be looking this and sending like this. Not sending, not sending. Anyway, he kept diving, and we had a very good view of the bridge and the cathedral. It was 25 degrees below then. I always jokingly said that our aiming point was the cathedral because it never got hit.

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