Ross Pearson - Emergency landing

Running time
1 min 11 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


In Mulheim, on the 24th of December '44. This was a daylight raid, and we had enormous fighter cover. But on take-off, our airspeed indicator became unserviceable, so we had no navigational and bombsight aids. We had to use our intelligence. The pilots had a little of that.

So, what we did, our pilot formatted on the other aircraft and just followed them. And we landed at a place called Carnaby. It was an emergency drome where you came back if you were crippled. Well, we had no airspeed indicator, so the pilot couldn't judge to land. We ran the whole length of the emergency runway. And when we got out of the plane, there're planes there with half turret, big bits out. They only went there if they were in trouble.

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