Ross Pearson - Joining the Air Force

Running time
2 min 9 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I went into the army and I went originally into an engineer training department in Carrara. And that was quite good. I would have stayed with the Army. That was something that was really good. And then they picked everyone who had clerical experience and sent them down to put in an ordinance store unit. Well, that didn't appeal to me. I wasn't going to sit out the war shuffling papers.

But I had previously gone on to the reserve. I was on the reserve, about to go onto the reserve. I had to have a medical, but I had registered for the Air Force. And what happened was I was away in Cowra at the, Cowra? Yes, Cowra. At the time that the papers came through for me to go for a medical. And the Army said, "You can't go for a medical. We won't release you."

But what happened was the Army clerk, what's named was Russ Pearson, no relation, and he was one that wanted to go on the Air Force Reserve, and he was the only real clerk. He said, "If you cover for me for a day, I'll go and have my Air Force medical, then I'll cover for your day. You can sign anything R. Pearson, because you're." And so that's what we did.

I came down for a medical and kissed the army goodbye. There were two reasons for going into the Air Force. One was that I'd be near Dorothy because I did my initial training in Sydney, and we were about to be engaged. So I came home to Bradfield Park and I was at Bradfield Park a week, and they sent me to Somers, Victoria. And I didn't come back to New South Wales for months. So I trained at Somers, Victoria. And God, it was cold there.

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