Ross Pearson - Jonah on board?

Running time
1 min 11 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We inherited two new members of the crew. We inherited a mid-under gunner and another bomb aimer. Our bomb aimer cracked up. And this fellow, we didn't know for a while, but when we found out, we were rather perturbed. He was on his fourth crew. On his first crew, his plane crashed in the sea and he was the only survivor.

On his second crew, the crew had to bale out and only two of them survived and he was one of them. And the third crew something happened to him and then they were going to screen him, and he said, "No. I'd like to go on operations." And what a Jonah he was. What an inheritance. We weren't totally happy. He was a good bloke, but still, in all, he didn't have an imposing record for your safety. They had stood him down because they thought he'd had enough. But he said, "No. I want to go on.

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