Ross Pearson - A mixed bunch

Running time
1 min 4 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


What did happen, my call up into the army was by being, I was a university student. So virtually, I went in as part of the university regiment. And the other half of our hut, one of the half, was all we educated blokes who were doing university. And the other half came from Woolloomooloo. And they were a wonderful group. I mean, you could leave anything. You could leave a wallet out there, nothing.

And it was an ideal mixture of the, what shall I say? Of the two groups, I'll state. Ones that went to the university. Ones that didn't want to do it, probably be plumbers and labourers, and I'm not being snobbish. It was just they were different, I learned a lot of new words, too. And they weren't in the dictionary. So that was the army.

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