Ross Pearson - Morse sabotage

Running time
58 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


I served on an English squadron and great respect for them. But some of them, or most of them, beat our bum. And we had one who was a particularly arrogant instructor. He said, "You blokes from the colonies? You won't understand what I'm talking about, but I know everything about these sets. Everything did you hear me?" Yeah. We heard him.

So off we go that night. And we went back after dark with a torch. Got the set that he would be practicing on the next morning. Took the top of the Morse key, shaved the top of the points, put some chewing gum on it, painted over the chewing gum, and put the key back on. He nearly went mad. He couldn't find the fault. The next day he lectured to us and he was still there about 8:00 at night trying to find the fault. Oh, God. It was just as well you could laugh at times.

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