Ross Pearson - A nickel raid

Running time
1 min 8 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


We went on a nickel. What they call a nickel. We'd have to drop, towards the end of your training, at OTU, Operational Training Unit, you would go out on a nickel. And you'd fly maybe up towards Norway, oh no, that was a bullseye. Nickel you'd fly out towards the French coast. We went close to Avignon on our first nickel. And it didn't count as an op, but you could be shot down on it.

Anyway, what our function was, the wireless operator would throw out down the flare chute a newspaper to the French Resistance. And it was their regular newspaper, and to the German garrison, a horror brochure of what was going to happen to them. I forgot to say about when they were over London a little piece appeared in one of the London newspapers saying the Germans were off track, they'd dropped these things out over London. Okay. That was very good. Very much on the ball.

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