Ross Pearson - An Olympic jumper

Running time
48 sec
Date made
Department of Veterans' Affairs


And then in our hearts, at Parkes, Pat Ambrose was one of the trainees, and he could have qualified as an Olympic jumper. His bed was in the middle of the hut, and the beds were wire mattresses with bolts in them. They put the bolts in the wire mattress. And Pat used to come in, and he'd come to the door of the hut, and he'd jump across the top of all the sleeping people to his bed.

And that was alright. But if he'd had a few beers, you were a bit worried. So we decided we'd fix him. So we took the bolts out and put matches in. And so Pat comes back in stoned and he comes, he goes straight, he cleared the whole of the beds in front of him. And he didn't do it anymore for some reason or another.

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